Saturday, September 26, 2015


Since last updating a lot has happened..

I re-did my entire website! I love how it looks and I'm excited about how much cleaner it is now.

Funeral planning is moving along fairly well. There's still quite a bit to do but I'm making progress.

I'm compiling the rest of the material for my book so I can start working on the layout and getting everything in order. I'm excited and I think it'll be great when it's finished.

Music has been on hold for awhile now while I work on everything else. When I get bored (often) I switch up my focus, so I'm sure it'll change again soon!

I'm still waiting on getting enough money to finish buying scrapbooking supplies so I can start my grand adventure into putting more of my life on paper. I'm extremely excited to start scrapbooking and can't wait to see what I can do.

I'm still reading once in awhile but I need to get caught up on all of the books and movies I have been neglecting for too long.

Travel plans are still in the works and I'm taking a surprise mini trip next month that should be a lot of fun. I'm hoping to find a pumpkin patch since I haven't been since I was a little girl. Excited to be getting out and enjoying life!

Perhaps the biggest announcement is that I adopted a beautiful little Shih Tzu/Maltese mix to be my best friend. She's very sweet and loves to go for walks and get belly rubs. I also discovered that she loves grasshoppers and birds but she doesn't have any interest in earthworms. She's the best.

Finally, life is going great! I'm running out of energy since my new friend requires so much care and attention but I'm enjoying taking care of her and doing my best to take care of myself too. I'm looking forward to new adventures and (hopefully) more good surprises in the future.

Until then, just going to keep moving forward.

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